“Providing solutions for the Energy and Mining industries”

Procurement Solutions

“Outsource your procurement activities to a reliable partner”

Main activities :
  • Assist in developing tender documents based on technical requirements
    for the projects
  • Prepare short list of vendors, issue tenders and prepare bid analysis
  • Purchase, package and deliver the goods
  • Financing services when required
  • Perform technical inspections and quality checks

With over 20 years of experience in the procurement, founders and Management team aim to put ICS as a reliable partner for new development as an external support to the procurement department of the operators. ICS offers flexible and dedicated teams to perform procurement activities related to the operations, including financing when required.

Advisory & Project Development

“Selecting the right Experts to provide the best suited solutions
for the success of your projects”

ICS offers to Asset Owners & Operators, NOC's and IOC's its expertise in putting together pools of companies to develop turn key projects, or to address a specific challenging aspect of a project.

ICS’s fields of expertise :
  • Engineering & Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • High Technology equipment
  • Project Management
  • Financing

Based on a solid network with the major actors of the industry, ICS has the experience to develop projects for owners of Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy assets. Whether it is a new development or the renovation of an existing asset, projects are becoming more and more complex. Performance and Success require expertise from the Financial, Legal and Compliance point of view to the Engineering, Tendering, Execution and Project Management challenges.


“In a competitive and complex international market,
make sure your team has a good understanding of the key issues”

ICS offers its services under different forms of cooperation :
  • Representation/Agency
  • Distribution
  • Trading Services
  • Provision of technical & commercial individuals
  • Provision of working space & local resources
ICS’s Consulting Services :
  • The Understanding of The Decision Making Process
  • Local Content Solutions
  • Market Intelligence & Reporting
  • Business Companioning
  • Risk Analysis & Crisis Management
  • Cross Cultural Negotiations
  • Due Diligence

Decision making processes are long and complex, they involve different divisions of state owned companies and/or international operators. Based on a solid network of local partners with whom we have many years of successful business relationships and through a network of Regional offices, our goal is to be an active partner in providing tailored solutions for prospects to expand their market shares.

ICSs success and efficiency is based on a good understanding of the decision making process, the decision makers and the client’s needs. By providing relevant and reliable information and related solutions on the legal, commercial and contractual environment, we support major actors in our fields to improve their competitiveness and efficiency to develop their activities.

Ethics & Compliance

“Ethics & Compliance at ICS are fully integrated in the way we pursue our activities”

Strong compliance is ensured through :
  • Being aware of international standards to protect integrity of our business dealings
    and the ones of our partners
  • Employee Training & Awareness
  • Rely on our employees to raise concerns on potential improper business practices conducted by any employee or partner
  • We meet our responsibilities to society by applying our fundamental principles
    in everything we do

Mining & Minerals

ICS participates directly with mining contractors & operators in projects such as :
  • Development of new mines
  • Extension of existing operations
  • Process plants
  • Logistic facilities & storage
  • Stock management and site delivery

Energy and Oil & Gas

We place our experience at the disposal of:
  • Power Generation & Distribution Firms
  • Oil & Gas field Operators (NOCs, IOCs)
  • FEED and EPC Contractors
  • High Technology equipment Suppliers
  • Drilling Contractors
ICS participates directly for oil companies and in partnerships with large Engineering companies and Contractors, in projects such as :
  • New development projects, Upstream and Downstream,
  • Petrochemical projects,
  • Power plants and sub stations,
  • Refurbishment of existing plants, such as pump stations, compressor stations, process plants,
  • Rehabilitation and Modernisation of Oil Refineries, Power plants,
  • Construction of new Pipelines,
  • Pipelines repair and strengthening,
  • Maintenance of existing plants and high tech equipment.



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